Royal Sunrise & Sunset

Itapa Ekiti is one of the towns in EKiti land which sprang from oduduwa of lfe and Owatapa is the head. Itapa is one of the goddess being worshipped at Ile-ife. Its festival is held for a period of thirty days and worshipped by Ooni and his people till today.The festival is called Utaale at Itapa.
Amowa and Elepe, sons of Oduduwa left Ile-ife with their mother, they also came with two friends known as Elemo and Baaro. These people were hunters. At a stage Elepe took his leave and settled at one of Itapa’s farms called Osin, Another brother of Amowa settled in Itapa farm called Ijelu and he later became Elejelu. Amowa was the first OLOSIN of Osin. There are other goods called Elutapa and Orisa Itapa which are worshiped by Ooni till today.

Owa attends these gods through his elected priests called Ayaya as the priest of Elutapa and Aworo Orisa Ilawe as the priest of Orisa Itapa or Ilawe. Elemo took his quater and become the head of Remo while Baaro became head of Egetun. All of them were great hunters.
Many people came to settle with them and they became prosperous. These heads of quarters regarded Owatapa as their head and the people approached Owatapa through their heads, and Owatapa has the final say over all matters brought before him.
Here are the names of the Owatapa in order of Precedent.
1). The first Owatapa was Amowa;
2). The 2nd Owatapa was Muaro, Amowa’s son;
3). The 3rd Owatapa was Jejeke;
4). The 4th Owatapa was Ponrokun,
he removed his palace from Iloro Remo to where it is today. Chief Oisemo was asked to take charge of the palace.
5). The 5th Owatapa was Yioye;
6). The 6th Owatapa was Abaradudu;
7). The 7th Owatapa was Awadieruasola;
8). The 8th Owatapa was Arawamokunrin
during the reign of this Owa, his town Itapa was overcrowded and many people went to settle at Egosi and at a place called Ila.
9). The 9th Owatapa was Agiriyoyo;
10). The 10th Owatapa was Akitipa- Obibo;
11). The 11th Owatapa was Ijimgbere Oke;
12). The 12th Owatapa was Owa Edun Alaye;
13). The 13th Owatapa was Iboun;
14). The 14th Owatapa was Ajakobijagba;
15). The 15th Owatapa was Okekorokoro ni kin ma gun on;
16). The 16th Owatapa was Agodisoro;
17). The 17th Owatapa was Owa Okogirigiri ni ki nwon ma di on;
18). The 18th Owatapa was Owa Ogogu;

This Owa wanted to recall his people from Egosi but the people at Egosi now called Ilupeju refused to release them and this later resulted into war. This war was called ‘Ogun yinmomo’ -i.e give me child. The people of Egosi were assisted by Ikole. When Itapas went to war, the Ikole came to Itapa and carried away their children and sold them. They were driven away.
During this war,another war from Ilorin led by Aliyu carried people from Itapa, Ikole and Egosi away. They captured Prince Arowogbadamu at the age of 7 years and it was during this war that Owatapa thereby becoming the 19 th Owatapa.
Owa Amerijoye made an alliance with Ata who also came from Iye in case of any other attack or war. They both settled together at Aiyede. When Ibadan war broke out, Ata was captured and sojourned in Lagos from where he was brought to become the 20th Oba.
The 21st Owatapa was Owa Ola I;
The 22nd Owatapa was Owa Ademiloye;
The 23rd Owatapa was Ali Sanni – the son of Arowogbadamu, who was installed Owa in 1929.
The 24th Owatapa was Owa Ojo (Ola II);
The 25th Owatapa was Owa Amuda Adeyeye Ali ( Atabatele II),
he was installed on the 17th April 1987, and reigned for Twenty-Two (22) years to December 29th, 2009.
The 26th Owatapa is HRM Oba (Dr) D. O Makanjoula Ajaja, who started his reign of transformation and restoration on the 25th day of November, 2011 and the Official Coronation on the 31st day of March, 2012. Ade a pe lori o. Kabiyesi…..


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