Ekiti Land as a nation and districts of Yoruba race had her progeny in Oduduwa, the father and progenitor of Yoruba race. Just like every major sub ethnic division in Yoruba land. Ekiti has her origin from Ile-Ife (the cradle land of Yorubaland).
The Olofin, one of the sons of the Oduduwa had sixteen(16) children and in the means of searching for the new land to develop, they all journeyed out of Ile-Ife as they walked through the Iwo – Eleru (crave) near Akure and had stop over at a place called Igbo-Aka(forest of termites) closer to Ile-Oluji. The Olofin, the sixteen children and some other beloved people continued with their journey, but when they got to a particular lovely and flat land, the Owa-Obokun (the monachy of Ijesha land) and Orangun of Ila decided to settle in that land which are the present Ijesha and Igomina land both in Osun state, Nigeria. While the remaining fourteen (14) children continued with the journey and later settled in the present day of Ekiti land.
They discovered that there were many hills in the place and they said in their mother’s language that this is ‘Ile Olokiti’ meaning The land of hills. Therefore the OKITI later blended to EKITI. So EKITI derived her name through hills.
These are direct children and founder of EKITILAND, IGBOMINALAND and IJESHALAND, Hence, the Fourteen (14) children that make up the EKITI LAND are listed below in no particular order:
1)  Owatapa of Itapa.
2)  Alara of Aramoko
3)  Attah of Ayede
4)  Arinjale of Ise
5)  Ewi of Ado
6)  Elekole of Ikole
7)  Olukere of Ikere
8)  Elemure of Emure
9)  Oloye of Oye
10)  Olojudo of Ido
11)  Onire of Ire
12)  Onitaji of Itaji
13)  Oore of Otun Moba
14)  Ajero of Ijero Kingdom.

With a critical analysis of these Kingdoms with respect to their Growth and Development, Questions keep coming to our mind such as; where are we coming from? Where are we at the moment? And where are we going to?
These questions can only be answered if each of us contribute to the development of ITAPA EKITI, Ask yourself, what have I contributed to the development of this great TOWN of Ours.

For contribution to the growth of ITAPA EKITI in any form, infrastructural development, Material donation for women and Children, and Scholarship for our brilliant students, send an email to itapaekitionline@live.com.


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